One of the things I was looking forwards to do in 2018 was write more. I am not a regular blogger or something. I just don't know how to write a blog. But was excited to write but didn't know what to write. A topic is a must to write about anything.

So I have come up with a topic: Always Try

First Try

I got inspired to write after reading blogs from WHI. Similarly I wanted to do lettering after seeing images from Instagram. The first time you do to approach any stuff its difficult. You are newbie to the field having no experience about it but this should not stop you from doing what you love to do.

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Write Something Today Even If It Sucks


Don't stop with just one attempt, keep on practicing. You will get more knowledge with practice and will be able to correct yourself with each try. Make sure you take feedback on your work, it helps a lot. You can set yourself a challenge to write for 30 days. I did challenge myself to write daily log for the month of January. It went very well and now it become a habit.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Never Give Up

Finally, never give up on something you always want to do.Not all movies are good, some are bad while some are extraordinary. It depends on how to are able to take it in a positive way. It always hard to achieve something but great things never came from comfort zone. So just never forget to give a try.

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My lettering works

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Will write more..

Cover photo by @ana_doda00 on WHI