Hi, cuties! It's been a while since I uploaded an article. I was very busy with school and basketball games, BUT today I finally had the time to write a fashion article. With that said, I'll show you what I usually wear in a week!


adidas, pants, and sport image fitness, goals, and inspiration image champion, fashion, and style image hair, blonde, and girl image
| sport pants | running shoes | hoodie | ponytail |

Monday, I have P.E and I am too lazy to change at school. And it's more comfortable to sit in class in sport pants than tight jeans.


ebay, jeans, and rio image fashion, outfit, and style image air force one, clothing, and fashion image fashion, necklace, and style image
| mom jeans | stripes shirt | Nike sneakers | gold necklace |

This day I try to look my best by pairing mom jeans and a formal shirt.


fashion, jeans, and black image Temporarily removed fashion, white, and style image fashion, style, and clothes image
| black jeans | black boots | sweater | long coat |

February has cold weather in my country. I try to not look like a girl in a blanket walking to school, so I do my best to find warm clothes in my endless closet.


clothes, COLLEGE GIRL, and fashion image adidas, boy, and girl image fashion, grunge, and pale image fashion, style, and gold image
| ripped jeans | Adidas superstar shoes | long sleeve shirt | ring |

My highschool doesn't have a strict regulation, and my revealed skin can face the cold.


girl, pajamas, and stars image Image by ♔Coco♔ Basketball, sport, and green image Louis Vuitton, quotes, and shoes image
| pajamas | slippers | basketball equipment |

After a long week of work, we have a game. After that, I spend my whole day watching TV shows in pajamas.


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| jeans | fish net | shirt | simple makeup |

I only wear makeup when I go out with my friends. We go to a coffee shop, and after that we take pictures for Instagram (mostly).