You, you
You could be the reason someone looks at their phone and smiles, you could be the reason that girl or boy who has been crying till 3am laughs and smiles, you could be the ray of sunshine in someone's life.
You could be the reason they want to go out, you could be the reason why they stay up at night, thinking about ways to be closer to you, thinking about your smile, the way that when you laugh your eyes shine, thinking about the way you say things and the way when you talk about something that you love your eyes get brighter, the way when you ask for something your voice becomes little and shy, the way when you are around your friends, the way you are with them.
Because actually you have no idea if you are someone's crush. You just don't know it, because the same way you feel when you are with them they might feel the same.
Maybe while you are crushing on that girl or boy with that impressive body and amazing smile, maybe just around the corner there is someone that just wants to be with you, to cuddle, to watch thoose stupid tv series that you love even though they hate them but just to make you happy. Idk, its like you just want someone to be around ou to kiss you, to comfort you, to tell you that everything is going to be fine, someone to talk to, and someone to listen to, someone who knows you better than you know yourself.

Maybe just maybe the love of your life, or of your year is just around the corner. So don't get depressed or start thinking that you are worthless because you don't have valentine again this year like for the 1000th time in your life, because maybe you have already found the one but you haven't noticed.
Lonely Girl
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