hi, you probably pressed this article because you want to be aesthetically so let's get started

1. First you need to know what you like best. There are thousands of forms of aesthetics, and you need to know which one you find in. I'm gonna show you some of them:
@ pastel aesthetic > This is the most popular and girly aesthetic, most of girls like this one, i don't really like it but you know:) Is your choice:) look

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image

@ 90s aesthetic > This one is my favorite!! Is verry oldie one but is really cool i think! ( If you LOVE Stranger Thinks this is for you :)

girl, fashion, and grunge image

Them are the most popular but you can create your own aesthetic!

2. Not think just at fashion!!! When you choose your aesthetic find one that put you in a mood. Think about what kind of music you like or how your room gonna be.
For pastel aesthetic the kind of music is like :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI5_hpUxDrM&index=1&list=PLFFYM2KYjc19dUGgX7-aVRgf4nGUFA59O

For the 90s aesthetic is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwZnSXwGsS4

You have to put in the mood with your aesthetic

3. Make a list of : 1. My favorite song :
2.My favorite movie:
3. My favorite color:
4. Are you a minimalist person or you prefer colorful thinks
5. Do you like neutrals colors/ ( black, white, grey)
6. Whats your wallpaper on your phone?

1. If your favorite song is an oldie one your aesthetic is probably an 90s aesthetic, if you like more rap song your an pastel/black and white aesthetic. But if you like chill songs your pastel aesthetic for sure

2. The same thing. If your favorite movie is oldie like from 3 or 4 years ago you're 90s if you like really new ones you're black and white aestetic. If you like anime you're pastel:)

3. At color is very easy :))) I think you get it:) at 90s is grey, red, yellow, black or green

4. If your an minimalist your a black and white. If not your pastel or 90s

5. If yes your TOTALLY black and white aesthetic

6. If your wallpaper is an pastel or an ss from someone like that (idk) your a pastel
If your wallpaper is black or white or grey you're black and white:))
And if is like an oldie photo from your childhood or just in red, grey, green or yellow your 90s

Thats is all !! Hope I help you!! Don't forgive that you CAN MAKE YOUR OWN AESTHETIC !! That is the coolest think!! If you want more music for aesthetic or some help with that just dm me on we<3it !!