comfort is key, style:

fashion, outfit, and style image style, 90s, and tumblr image fashion, style, and yellow image fashion, girl, and outfit image

i'm in a shitty mood:

Mature image friends, grunge, and friendship image spongebob, sad, and happy image stranger things, eleven, and finn wolfhard image

songs that put you on the feels:

80s, 90s, and alternative image the 1975, matty, and matty healy image declan mckenna, boy, and singer image ed sheeran, cat, and kitten image
1975, concert, and rainbow image

my only way to escape:

Image by Anita book, milk and honey, and reading image black, book, and film image black, book, and film image scream, willa fitzgerald, and carlson young image hernando, sense8, and lito image
eliot, quentin, and the magicians image
eliot and quintin fucking cure my depression

the only drug that i'm addicted to at this moment in time:

boba and drink image drink, bubble tea, and pink image drink, food, and fruit image food, foodie, and foods image