Hi guys, I've finally finished my exams and I have three days off, then I'm going to start again my lessons at the university. So I wanted to do some articles bc I've been very busy and I've missed them!
Today I want to do the 'this is me' challenge which I saw on @zenab 's feed and I enjoyed it a lot. In this challenge you have to define yourself in picture, hope that you like it and feel free to do it as well!

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-For winter

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
high waisted jeans and sweaters
fashion, style, and outfit image backpack, black, and denim image
black leather packback
fashion, outfit, and style image 50s, classic, and dress image
big scarfs
fashion, style, and black image black, boots, and jeans image
black boots
Image by ♡ fashion, girl, and style image


black and white, view, and cold image beautiful, valentin day, and black image
black and white


horse, photography, and summer image Image by Elena Stefanova♡♡
riding horses
book, coffee, and white image book, coffee, and autumn image
reading and writing
photography, girl, and camera image aesthetic, blonde, and girl image
Image removed room, clothes, and white image
Image by katt Image by itznn105
languages and travelling

My fav destinations :


horse, white, and flowers image animals, cozy, and horse image
tiger, animal, and black and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


Discover it here :


Image removed chanel, water, and luxury image


rose, flowers, and red image quotes, love, and sad image gold, stay gold, and quotes image netflix, bath, and wine image


wedding, couple, and groom image light, map, and travel image Image by olszii123 beach image

Thanks for reading and hearting the post
see u soon
Chiara !