this article is for the dreamer in you. we've heard that the world needs you. they don't show it though. so first and foremost, you need you.

in reality, dreamers are scoffed at. dreamers are associated with the opposite of doers; they are considered to be out of touch with their reality. god forbid a dreamer actually gets something done.

the truth is, others don't realize your potential and jump tp underestimate you. they don't have the ability you do: to think outside the box, unaffected by the constraints of reality.

they can be a parent, a best friend, or someone who cares about your well being. respecting their decision or outlook on life for you is the conventional and respectable thing to do. but you must realize that this could mean locking your true self away. this could mean studying or wearing something you didn't want to but were expected to.

but they can also be a frenemy, a teacher, or someone who only cares that you are below them. when they actively deny your potential and worth, you could be torn down. once they do get to you, it will be too easy to listen to them, and not to yourself. subconsciously, the dreamer in you subsides.

in either case, perhaps you will be required to play yourself up or down and please others. perhaps you will successfully embody parts of something you were expected to be. but remember it is easy to be somebody you are not and harder to be yourself.

i admit it is important to align your dreams with reality and counter check. this is an important step in actualizing your dream. but listening too much to "good advice" or criticism can crush them instead, and it can potentially crush you. remember that you have the potential to overcome the impossibilities that are thrown at you and not those who don't get it.

Image by Kristaq Riste Lico

if you are in such a situation where your true self is being compromised because of "reality", these words go out to you. stand your ground and express yourself your own way. get to know yourself by paying attention to the dreams or vision you have for yourself or the world. they will tell you more about yourself than others ever will.

thank you for reading.