Part 2
I want to hate you. Maybe in that way I can forget you. Please, do something. Make me angry. Rage everytime makes me hate. I can hate everyone. This is my bad habit. In my angry situations I forget about everything and everyone. I want just hate every single thing.
However, everyone talking, writing, singing and reading about love. What about forgetting? Your songs, poems, articles could not help me. All of them are useless in my situation.
I desire to kill all love cells in my heart. Oh, my heart. How could you survive? If I were you I will melt. I will perish. But you are stronger and you love him. This love make you live.
I desire to kill all love cells in my vein. I am not suicider. I know you all thinking about this. But this story not about die. This is about forgetting. Just forgetting.
Forget. I can not forget. I only remember eveything about you. You are in my head. Go away. Go away. Go away. In American horror story it helped to Violet. Lets look in real life. No. You are still in my head. I want to curse you. I can not. I want to beat you. I can not. You are handsome. Only I can see you like perfect handsome boy. Others think alike. Yes. Love is blind and deaf. I can not hear my friends. You are like huge glass bottle and I am living in this bottle. You are living and breathing near me. In this situation I can not forget you. “Say something I am giving up on you”. This song maybe can say something for me.

Bye for now and thanks for reading