Have you ever just loved someone so much that when you met them you had a feeling deep down that they were going to become something more than you ever intended them to. The moment that I knew that I was in love was one of the most amazing defying moments that I can ever recall, pure bliss. In that defining moment I found myself within another human being. I found who I was beneath all of what has made me who I am today, it is like you fall under a spell, you begin to become a piece of  the person who is your soulmate. Everything seems unreal and everything goes by in the blink of an eye, it is one day everything is perfect and the next day everything can be ripped away so quickly, not quite completely but to where you heart aches because the person you spent the most defining time of your life with is somewhere else and all you can think about is there touch and what exactly they have running through their head, it is almost a torturing feeling, but at the same time it isn't because you still know you have that person's heart and you know that that person is feeling all the same emotions that you are feeling. Love can make you feel things you never knew you had within you, it can make you spill all your darkest secrets and brightest memories without hesitation, but how do you know that it is true? True love is love that requires two hearts to become best friends without trying, its two hearts that are coerced into infrangible love at their own free will. There is not just one version of true love in this world, everyone has their own interpretation on what true love is to be and you will never know it until you grasp it. I found love enclosed inside a heart that wanted to be listened to and understood, because no-one ever had taken the time. I gave my heart to the one person who could look at me and tell me the truth even though it hurt sometimes the person who made all my nightmares disappear and shined a ray of light on to my less than perfect life , the one who wasn't afraid to except my wrongs and confide in me. Being in love is incomparable to any feeling life gives you because finding your soulmate is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In the beginning everything was a mystery, how was a girl like me going to learn how to love again. I remember the pain it feels to be betrayed by people that you think love you. How was I supposed to learn to trust again? I had told myself that Id never be worthy of someone who truly loves me because there must be something wrong with the person that I am for so many to easily let me go. I have no value and I have no worth.

    Falling in love for me always comes quick and it is always so beautiful to me to watch a  man fall head over heels for me. I guess in a sense you can say I am a “sucker” for love. I love the feeling of someone loving me because I crave attention so madly as every single human being does.
I was so vastly intrigued with how I would ever overcome such heart wrenching tragedy, and then I met him.... He was hard to figure out and I liked that, I liked it but it also killed me not knowing what he truly thought of me. The best relationships are always said to have started from pure friendship, and looking back now it is in fact an accurate statement. He wore his heart on his sleeve, he had a way of making me feel at home, he made me lose track of time  and he was vulnerable and so was I, it reminded me of myself. He was passionate about so much in life and he taught me so much with just simple words. He always knew what to say and when to say it. It was almost like God had made him exactly for me to have. I felt myself coming alive just being in his presence. I was no longer the girl that dreaded getting up in the morning everyday anymore, I was no longer the girl who was afraid to take chances anymore. I was not afraid anymore! It was all because of the way he made me feel that I wanted to make a difference in my life. We had both been through our own kinds of hurt some more than one another but just enough to understand another on the deepest level. I know it sounds cliché but together something just felt so incredibly right. Nothing could stop us together and no one could ever rip us away from each other. I felt strong and I felt confident alongside him I felt on top of the world.  
What was a beautiful friendship turned into something even more beautiful. I started to feel like everything I ever needed lay within him and my soul felt radiant for the first time in my life. I was one hundred and ten percent my best self when I was with him. I could see on his face that he felt it too, he did not even need to say it I just genuinely knew.