Soooo~ I've finished my education for now!
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By the end, I found that I'd gathered many (free) apps and websites that I frequented that really helped me through it. If you're anything like me and procrastinate a lot and struggle to study... Voilà! Help is at hand:


☆Pretty online mind maps☆ Why allow yourself be limited by the number of different coloured pens you have?

Revision aids on every subject imaginable, and it doesn't even need to be an academic subject, there are tips on everything from skin care to cooking.

Studying with games → easy peasy, lemon squeezy~ Flashcards galore, match up games, basic tests, all sorts - you can create them yourself or dip into the vast online stash.

(BEWARE: You might have too much fun being competitive in a matchup game with your friend, and celebrate too loudly as you beat your friend's time, and get very embarrassed as all eyes in the classroom turn to you.)

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Choose from past exam papers or topic-specific questions in either maths, physics, biology, and/or chemistry to test your knowledge against the included mark schemes. (GCSE or A level)

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Okay, hear me out guys, this is not for you to procrastinate on, no!

  • So, say you missed a lesson, weren't paying attention in a lesson, or just have a bad teacher and the resources are just not getting through to you. You can learn a lot on YouTube, the videos are engaging through audio and visuals, so attention is kept and understanding easier to come by.
  • Study music playlist, oh yes, here we go! ♫ I suggest music without lyrics if you're really prone to distraction like me.. eheh. Also, so you don't spend too much time choosing music, I suggest hour+ videos specifically for studying or 24/7 live streams of study music, ye. ♥
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That good good essay

Can't think of that perfect word, the perfect word that will make your essay sparkle so much that it blinds your teacher for the rest of their teaching days?! That problem no longer exists, you're welcome.

(How I'm managing to write this article with somewhat acceptable grammar, hue hue..) I use this extension all the time, and if you're writing an email or an essay that's going to be under the scrutiny of a teacher, why not y'know?

Lil' extra suggestions

1) Messenger apps (no don't procrastinate on 'em, grr ¬ -¬)
Class group chats are gorgeous, mwah! Share ideas, get reminders about when h/w is due, ask for the online textbook login that you've forgotten for the 3rd time.

For those who try for a 5-10 min study break and it becomes an hour+ (AKA me). Entertainment without much investment of time because they're quick to read, and each chapter is independent, hoorah~
(I suggest My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball + Smile Brush by waroo ♥)

3) It's for my ladies kay
So much easier to organise your life (and studying), when you can track your period even if your cycle is irregular. It's also just really informative surprisingly, so it all improves your health and fitness.

The End
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I hope you guys will have less of this stress from here on out!

Feel free to message me about other articles you'd like to see (t'would be helpful, heh).

Much love ♥