I think the reality here is that people in general care about themselves and not about others, and if there is true love and the person is good at heart and with principles he will never leave a stability and loyalty in a relationship to enter another that you do not know what will happen, with someone who only thinks about himself.

If that person falls into something so improbable and low is that there is something in his head that is not working, something that does not fix the right thing, what is wrong and leaves aside a degree of strong immaturity. How good can it come out of something like that? We are talking about a mirror of the other, therefore, I can say that the woman who is willing also has the same problem as the other person, that's why they feel the attraction.

Then we would be talking about two pathological infidels, as is. If things start with this theory, why do some people do it well and maintain a lasting relationship with the old lovers and not with others?.
Those who do it well are logical because they are the same and with that they justify a life together of total dishonesty, false freedom, security and with the pride of not turning them around so that they make mistakes and hurt people, in short, it's a pity.

Those who do not do it well, simple, at some point in their lives open their eyes and want to open up to change their behavior pattern and take responsibility, that is, open their hearts truly.

In this way, it is obvious how the universe can expel the "victim" from this situation, this is totally incompatible with their being, their principles and personal values.

Therefore, that is something unimportant in life and in her bright future.