i dont sing or make music, but my life consist of music. how can we live without it? I've made an article about some of my favorite calm songs, and here´s another one of mine. i really hope you give them a try, they really mean a lot to me. ✨

weather - novo amor
all through the night - sleeping at last
gold - gabriel rios
another love - tom odell
heal - tom odell

nature, mountains, and rock image forest, nature, and tree image

saturn - sleeping at last
north - sleeping at last
i´m a ruin - marina and the diamonds
weeds - marina and the diamonds
smile - mikky ekko

green, nature, and landscape image cactus, plants, and green image

i really hope you check at least one of them out, what greater joy is there than finding new music? :)) here is my first article if you like this kind of music.