Thought I'd give the 20 days writing challenge a go, so I put together my own list of subjects that I'll be writing about for 20 days! First up, self introduction.

Day 1 - Introduce yourself.

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My name is Lina, and I'm a swedish girl born in 1996.

I always have colorful hair and my goal is to one day have my entire body completely covered with tattoos.

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My biggest passions in life are animals and animal rights.

I'm an active animal right activist who will stop at nothing to be the voice of the animals.

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I am a true nerd.

Obsessed with anything connected to Disney, Tim Burton, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings etc.

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My favorite TV-show is Once Upon A Time.

Captain Swan for life. Am I right?

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I live and breathe music.

I'm both a singer and play multiple instruments, and if it weren't for music, I honestly don't know if l'd be alive today. Music has always been my way of getting through all the trials of life.

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I have a giant sweet tooth.

The best thing in the whole wide world is chocolate OOOMMGG!!

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What I value most in life are the people who love me.

And by that I mean the ones who REALLY love me. I've been burned so many times by people I called "friends", that I'm now suffering a lot from pretty bad trust issues. This, of course, makes me the most loyal friend anyone can find. If I decide to let you in my life, that is.

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I think that sums me up pretty good!

You'll get to know me even better if you check out the rest of my articles for this challenge in this collection.