Every one of you guys has either suffered from depression or knows someone who does.
In fact, globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression, if not more...
This article will be completely devoted to depression.

To you guys who suffer from depression, this article might help you understand it more.
And I just want to say that no, you are not alone. you are not alone.
Don't lose hope, don't give up...
And if you guys need someone to listen, I am more than willing to listen to you and help you in any way possible.

And to you guys who know others who struggle with this, keep reading...
This article will hopefully make you understand those people more, and I will later devote another article on how to help them.


No, it isn't sadness.
No, we aren't crazy.
No, we cant control it.
No, we cant sleep it off.
No, no, no...

Depression is screaming.
Screaming at the top of your lungs.
Except you are in the middle of nowhere.
Surrounded by darkness.
Drowning in Darkness.
The Darkness is so dense you're voice barely comes out.
The Darkness is so dense it seeps into you.
And it fills the place where your heart is supposed to be.
Instead of a beating organ, you feel hollowness.
Emptiness where your heart is supposed to be.
Hollowness and emptiness that is dark and heavy.
Yes heavy.
Like lead, but also like vacuum.
It anchors you in place...
There is no escaping its grip.
The darkness then moves into your lungs.
Sucks the air out of you.
Sucks the life out of you.
It continues its journey...
It creeps into your other organs.
Until moving hurts.
Until talking needs so much effort.
Until you are sitting there, lifeless and hollow.

When it is too much and you can no longer handle it, you decide to reach out.
And sometimes, unfortunately,
you realize that others don't get it.
They just don't get it.
They don't know what emptiness feels like.
They don't know what it means to feel like you won't be happy again. Ever.
They don't know how The Darkness is taking up so much space inside you.
Eating you up.
Slowly damaging you beyond repair.

Depression is crying yourself to sleep every single night.
Depression is no longer finding anything fun or funny.
Depression is deserting everything you are passionate about.
Depression is losing meaning in life.
Depression is abandoning your social life.
Depression is emotional pain.
Depression is physical pain that comes because of the emotional pain.
Depression conceals the sunshine, depression drowns us in never-ending darkness.
Depression is a starless, moonless night.

Then, numbness.
Probably the worst part yet.
Numbness is no longer feeling anything. At all.
At first, you think its good.
But then you realize you no longer feel positive emotions.
Hell, you no longer feel at all.
Like literally nothing.
Not happiness, not love not anything.

And, no we can't control it.
We cant control depression.
Depression sometimes hits you out of nowhere.
One second you are fine.
The other you just arent...

Depression is in fact messed up hormones and chemicals.
It messes with our logic and reasoning.
Which can lead to self-harm.....
Why harm yourself?
Sounds stupid no?
Not really, no...
I'll explain.
Imagine being hurt.
And angry.
In pain.
Emotional and physical.
Bottled up emotions.
About to explode.
After all, we are humans.
Humans have limits.
You need to explode.
Holding it in is simply no longer possible.
Where do u let it out?
You look around.
It is just you.
But why would you harm yourself?
In those moments, the brain shuts down.
No more reasoning.
And u need to let it out.
And so, flesh is cut.
Blood pours out.
And you watch it pour out.
For the first second you think:
I did it, I let some stuff out.
But then it hits you:
What have I just done?
And again, you plunge into oceans of darkness mixed with regret and self-pity...
That's why.
Not for attention.
Or because we think its cool.

Self-harm though won't get you anywhere.
Trust me.
It makes you feel worse.
Please, if you self-harm, stop...
It is pointless, it won't help.
Instead, let it out in other ways.
When you have urges, talk to someone, anyone.
Make art out of it, on paper, not your body.
Trying drawing patterns with a pen instead of cutting on the region.
And again, talk to me if you want to, I am more than willing to help

They think depression is a synonym for sadness...
Sadness and depression are two very different things.
Sadness is feeling down, is feeling blue for a day or two.
Depression is feeling the darkness steal away your happiness until you forget what happiness means or feels like.
Depression does not last a day or two.
Depression comes to stay.
A month. 2 months. a year. 2 years.
You never know.

And most importantly,
No, we are not crazy.
Do not ever call someone who struggles with depression crazy.
Yes, it is a mental disorder.
But no it is not insanity.
We are sane.

For everyone out there who has not struggled with depression, I truly hope u never have to.
And I also hope you now know what it is...
Please, help those people.
Don't get pissed at them because they are frowning, or no longer smile as much.
Do not tell them to cheer up because they are depressing you.
Do not call them crazy.
Do not say that its nothing, or brush it off.
Help them.
Give them a shoulder to cry on...
Give them safety...
They need it...
Support them.
On and off support hurts.
Stick to them...
Do not pity them...
Do not make them feel worse...
Don't act like you are tired of their actions...
Help them out of this.

And for you guys struggling, it will be okay...
It will be...
And do not hesitate in contacting me...
I would love to be there for you...

let me know what you guys think of this and if there was anything I missed or didn't talk about.

this article was particularly hard to write and I would love to hear your opinions...

I previously wrote 3 articles where I discussed a few tips to become happy, so if you are interested:

Stay strong.
Stay you.

Lots of love,