Dear old me,

_Today I turn 20, yes 20! It seem to me that it was yesterday that I was celebrating 10. When I was 10 I couldn’t imagine me where I’m now, I’m in college, living alone in a city that I am still discovering, with an amazing boyfriend and so happy, believe me, I’m so happy! But at the same time I’m so scared, confused, lost.
When I was 10 I dreamed about how my life would be, and nothing came to reality, now it’s everything different. I’m lost because I don’t know where my life’s coming, I don’t know what’s the next step, after college, I don’t even know if I can get a job in my area, or even if I can stay in Portugal. And you know how much I need to be in control of my own life.

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That doesn’t matter, I’m here to tell you a little of what your life will look like. So, you will meet some guys, and they won’t be the right ones, stay calm, everything is going to be fine. Our parent will get divorced, and that’s the better thing that can happen in our life. You’ll be successful at school (you can do more, but… you will know why), you won’t have as much friends as you have now, but believe me, that’s not a problem, you can do everything incredibly well by yourself. You’ll get drunk sometimes, so please be careful, I mean it, you can’t trust everyone. Hey, I’m here just to say that, no matter what happen from now on, I’m proud of you! You were a great kid._ And yes, I think that getting drunk was the most rebellious thing I’ve done in my teen times.