She Approached him From behind, Slipping her arms around his waist and Back hugged him tightly.

She knew the Unfamiliar scent on him, she knew the reason why he's always late, Why he spends most of his time at his so called "friend"

She smiled weakly, turning him to her and pressing soft kiss on his cheek.

Funny how, she knew the reason why he changed.

How his smile is not the same anymore, how his hugs and Kisses were Empty of any affection.

She slipped his Cigarette out his fingers and took a deep inhale of it.

She knew.

She knew She will never see him again, But she hoped someone would love her the way she loved him someday.

He nuzzled his face in her bushy hair, inhaling her scent of vanilla, He always loved how she smells.

Kissing her forehead for one last time, regret sparking in his eyes, He fells bad for loving someone besides her, but He knew that Their love was History now .

Without saying a word he Backed off of her grip and Pulled on his jacked , turned on his heels and Left.

Left her dumbfounded there alone with a An almost finished Cigarette.

She took another deep inhale, Filling her lungs , looking at him from the window as he walked away, She Exhaled the Smoke , And she never heard of him again.