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Previously I did a quick introduction to wiccan beliefs. I mentionned the 21 celebreations of the year. The 8 sabbaths and the 12/13 esbats.
Now I'm comming back to talk more specificly about sabbaths.
Little refreshing of memory : the esbats are the 12 or 13 annual nights of full moons, and there are 4 minor Sabbaths which are in fact equinoxs and solstices and 4 major Sabbaths.
The wicca calendar called "wheel of year", works with solar and lunar cycles, and begin October 31th.

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  • Equinox is the time of the year when the sun "cuts" the celestial ecuador. The duration of the days and nights are then equivalent.
  • Solstice is the time of the year when the sun has its strongest declination, the duration of the day is then maximum or minimum.
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🌙 samhain

It's the first day of "witches's year".
You probably already know this one by the name "Halloween".
The moment when the frontier between the world of the living people and the spirit world is the thinnest.
We "celebrate" the death of the horned god. It's the begining of the dark part of the year. We break away the weight of past and memories.

Frankincense : apple - cypress - sage - mint
Tree : cypress
Flower : marigold flower - chrysanthemum
Color : orange - black
Candle : orange - black
Stone : obsidian - onix - jade - cornelian - agate
Aligned planet : pluto
Tarot card : death
Influence : spiritism - meditation - metamorphosis - rebirth

samhain candles image autumn, morning, and September image skate, grunge, and skull image apple, autumn, and caramel image
samhain : October 31th - major sabbath

🌙 yule

This celebration take place during the winter's solstice at the end of december.
We celebrate the rebirth of the sun and of the horned god, the begining of a new life.

Tree : oak - coniferous
Flower : poinsettias - red roses
Color : gold - silver
Candle : green - red - white
Stone : tiger's eye - ruby
Aligned planet : jupiter
Tarot card : temperance
Influence : temperance - moderation - joy - harmony - balanced

candle, christmas, and craft image deer, snow, and animal image ice and winter image Image by ainoS
yule : December 21th - minor sabbath

🌙 imbloc

You probably already know this one by the name "chandeleur". It marks the end of the reign of destruction, and announce the first signs of spring.
We celebrate the earth's awakening, light, the sun's power to make things grow. the goddess is then represented as a young girl during this time.

Frankincense : basil - myrrh - gardenia
Tree : birch
Flower : snowdrops - white lily
Color : white
Candle : pink - red - white
Stone : amethyst - garnet - onyx - turquoise
Aligned planet : saturne & uranus
Tarot card : star
Influence : renewal - hope - purification

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imbloc : february 2nd - major sabbath

🌙 ostara

With the rise of the sun, the fields begin to bloom. The day and the night are equal. With the spring equinox, the powers of the whole year are equal to the powers of the darkness of winter and death. The young horned god comes to power and invites to dance, it's the time of fertility.

Frankincense : jasmine - sage - strawberry
Tree : willow
Flower : violet - tulip - hyacinth - spring flowers
Color : pink - green - mauve - yellow
Candle : green - yellow
Stone : aquamarine - red jasper - heliotrope
Aligned planet : jupiter & neptune
Tarot card : moon
Influence : intuition - knowledge

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ostara : march 21th - minor sabbath

🌙 beltane

This marks the beginning of the big tide where everything is growing again and blooming again. The power of light and new life is manifested in all creation.
Spring opens the way for summer, first full bloom.
We celebrate the sacred union of the horned god and the goddess.
Back in time, in all europe, it was customary for all children to plant a tree that day, a symbol of growth and prosperity.

Frankincense : lilac - lily of the valley
Tree : fruit trees - willow - hawthorn
Flower : lilac - lily of the valley - flowers of may
Color : rose - tender green - mauve - yellow
Candle : green - pink - mauve
Stone : emerald - sapphire - rose quartz
Aligned planet : venus
Tarot card : pope
Influence : intelligence - joy

flowers image flowers, girl, and aesthetic image art, bed, and woodlands image love, couple, and kiss image
beltane : april 30th - major sabbath

🌙 litha

At the summer solstice there is the litha festival for pagans and that of Saint Jean for Christians. This is the day of the year when the sun is closest to the earth. On this shortest night of the year, it is time to dance around big fires from sundown to sunrise to consecrate the victory of light.
In some countries, a burning wheel or cart was thrown from the top of a hill, to the black and cold waters of a lake or river, in order to expel the night.
This worship is the oldest form of religious practice.

Frankincense : rose - jasmine
Tree : oak
Flower : rose
Color : green
Candle : green
Stone : jade - aventurine - foam agate
Aligned planet : mercure
Tarot card : cart
Influence : communication - intuition

fire and red image flowers, grunge, and indie image nature, aesthetic, and theme image adventure, sunset, and field image
litha : june 21th - minor sabbath

🌙 lugnasad (or lammas)

This is the moment when reflux is already starting, and we feel imperceptibly the approach of the shadow. This is the harvest time, when we gather the fruits of what we have sown. We celebrate the fruit of nature, and we thank the mother goddess for her kindness.

Frankincense : sage - cedar
Tree : hazelnut - walnut
Flower : rose - belladonna
Color : yellow - orange - dark green
Candle : green - yellow
Stone : red jasper - jade - malachite
Aligned planet : sun
Tarot card : strength
Influence : bravery - success

girl, candle, and light image nature, photography, and autumn image girl and vintage image apple, autumn, and fall image
lughnasadh / lammas : august 1st - major sabbath

🌙 mabon

This is the autumn equinox, the day and the night are equal, hand in hand.
With the extension of the shadows, comes the dark side oh the horned god and the goddess. It's the end of the harvest, the year is almost over, the time has passed, this is why we honor the old times, the elderly, and we welcome the approach of winter.

Frankincense : myrrh - benzoin - sage - olive - cedar.
Tree : oak - hazelnut - chestnut - beech
Flower : carnations
Color : brown - beige - ecru - ocher - gold
Candle : orange - yellow
Stone : citrine - agate - carnelian
Aligned planet : mercure
Tarot card : the hermit
Influence : the second harvests - the mysteries - the equality - the balance.

forest, tree, and nature image Image by Alrauna forest, nature, and alone image herbs, witchy, and wood image
mabon : september 22th - minor sabbath

Well that's all for today.
I hope I didn't make any mistakes, and you liked this article.

A plus ! ;)