Okay first of all wow! Thanks for all the hearts and follows, I got really surprised when I went online since I didn't think anyone really would read my articles. So really thanks again!

I thought that I'd talk more about how I got involved with this guy I keep referring to!

It all actually started with me being in another relationship hehe, it was with my ex boyfriend last summer. Our relationship wasn't healthy for me or him so basically it was a bad one.

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He wasn't happy and neither was I. I was so insecure and unhappy with this dude that when we worked over summer I connected with this co-worker of mine (and I know what you guys are thinking but no not in that way!). So my (ex)boyfriend gets jealous as ... well you can imagine, he sees me and this other boy talk and laughing in the corridor and yeah.. it wasn't appreciated.

It all ended with me telling my co-worker about me and my now ex. He got sad for my sake and started to give me advice, advice where I would dump his sorry ass!

So well I did and yeah I kept contact with this other boy

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And yeah we began to stay up late at night only to not break the conversation we were having on snapchat! I have always had so much fun with him and I feel comfortable with him, like I can actually be myself and that I am a better version of me when I'm with him!

And he's cute, like attractive, but he's really shy which contributes to him not speaking to many girls and this shyness have been a trouble for me. Not because I don't like it because I really do! But because I'm usually not shy, but when I catch interest in someone I immediately become shy. This makes me look weird in front of him since I'm usually never shy.

It all ended with me saying that he's funny and that we should hang out sometime and at this exact moment when the words leave my mouth I can see his body stiffen. So I got really insecure because he would be like "Yeah totally we should" and then we wouldn't speak about it anymore.

So I waited until it happened again, and then once again where I would try to decide a date where we could meet but he would never be available. So I started to talk to other guys, and told my friend about another guy I was speaking to and she asked me about this guy and I got annoyed.

And the reason was because I had caught feelings for him.

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But I wouldn't let anyone notice so I start to go on about how he hasn't answered or anything and she felt bad for me.

This is where things get freaky, when I come home he had written me a message where he wondered what I was doing for the weekend. Well he asked me out on a date like super randomly, but yeah it ended with us going out and now we have seen each other outside from school a few times.

Well I don't know if this is interesting at all but yeah, if you want I can continue and talk about what we have done on our dates! We are the same age, goes to the same school but different classes, some classes we take together tho!