This is my first article in which I would like to show you a few simple hairstyles that I use on daily basis. Right now my hair is up to my shoulders and all of those work for this length ( with some help from bobby pins as I have a little fringe situation going on).
To create those hairstyles you will need:

  • hairbrush
  • bobby pins
  • elastics
  • dry shampoo or something else to give you a little texture
  • straightener or hair curler
  • optionally: hairspray


hair, hairstyle, and pink image hair, beauty, and hairstyle image hair, makeup, and beauty image hair, purple, and hairstyle image

On the days when I have more time to style my hair I like to go for curls. Most of the time I use a curling wand as I'm not very good at creating curls with a straightener. If I'm going for a more fancy look I leave my hair in tighter curls and if I'm going for something more causal I brush them out a little bit so they create loose waves. Make sure to let you curls cool of before brushing them into waves.

2. Top knot

hair, hairstyle, and purple image hair, grey, and hairstyle image

I go for this one whenever I want my hair out of my face but I also don't want them to be all tied up. It's simple and super easy and requires no heat at all. My hair is naturally wavy so I hardly ever curl it for this hairstyle. It also works great with straight hair.

3. Dutch braids

hair, braid, and style image hair, braid, and hairstyle image

Dutch braids are my favourite braids. They have more texture and give your look a little extra dimension. I go for two braids as my hair are to short and fall out too much if I tried to tie them into one braid. Sometimes I don't braid until the end of my hair but instead I tie the elastic when I reach my neck.

hair, hairstyle, and beauty image buns, hair, and style image

Recently I grew fond of combining dutch braids with space buns. I stop braiding around the middle of my head and put the rest of my hair into buns. You can leave the rest out like in the pictures or first tie off the braid, pull it out a little bit and then do a bun including all the hair which is what I like to do.

aesthetic, white, and hairstyle image aesthetic, purple, and white image

Kinda like in those two pictures but with the braids going from the front of your head to the back.

4. Fringe out

hair, braid, and hairstyle image

If I want to get rid of my fringe for a while I like to do this quick hairstyle. I braid my fringe, just a regular braid, and pin it away from my face using some bobby pins. If you like symmetry you can do braids on both sides of your head. It also looks great with fishtail braid or a simple twist.

5. Low bun

hair, blonde, and bun image hair, fashion, and white image hair, braid, and beach image hair, girl, and blonde image

If I want my look to be more messy I go for the low bun. First I take all my hair to the back and tie them off with an elastic and then take another elastic and create a bun. I have quite a lot of hair so it holds better if I use two elastics. Sometimes I also like to add a braid to make it look more romantic.

This is it for now. I hope this article will help you in managing your hair and will give you some inspiration.
Have fun trying it out ;)