School has always been my biggest problem.
I've never been an A+ type of girl, until last year when I found the secrets to better grades. I'm about to share these simple tips with you hoping they will work for you as well as they did for me!

Drink lots of water..

Water is the primary source of life so it's important for you to drink lots of it. It may seem stupid but drinking water helps your body in many ways and it makes it feel super good, and when your body is healthy your brain is more productive and awake.

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Organize your work

Yes, I know. I know it's hard to keep a journal like those tumblr ones we all wish we had...but your journal doesn't necessarily have to be pretty, it has to be organised! I don't know about you, but when I have everything under control I automatically feel more motivated.

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Get some sleep, for the love of god

I still have to practice on this. I'm Italian and I always eat late thus I go to bed late af but if you have the chance to, please, try to go to sleep as early as you can bear it.
Eliminating those one or two hours you spend on your tv/computer at night is really going to help you being more productive the following day.

Set your standards high

Competitivity is good, especially when it is between you and only you. Setting very high standards is a way for you to better yourself every day. However you do not always have to be perfect; don't bring yourself down if you can't always do your best. I know life is stressful; remember that your mental health always comes first.

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This is so important, guys.
I promise your life will be much easier if you do stuff on time. You will have more time for yourself and will also be less stressed and worried about school.

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Pay attention in school

You go there for a reason.
You should try to be passionate about what you have the chance to learn, trust me, you're not going to regret it. In addition, taking notes of what your teacher says is literally like studying without making a real effort! Your brain automatically stores every word you hear and write down so when it's time to study for the test you will struggle way less.

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I hope this article helped you and I'll talk to you guys asap💞
xoxo, Cam