Oh guys, I feel bad, just stressed and really sad. It's thursday and I think I'll have my second breakdown this week! Is it just me who has 2 or 3 weeks fufilled with happiness and joy and right after that everthing bad that hid for months comes up and tries to kill you? Yep, that's what happens to me.

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I feel a little bit lost since I quit my job last month and this is my first month without my own money again for nearly 7 months. It's not that I have a lot of debts, but I still have things I need to pay and I really don't want my mom to come up for them.

Furthermore I just realized that I still have feelings for a boy, who might have liked me too at some point in history, but has a girlfriend now (maybe I'll tell this story some day and yeah I know, not agaain a Lovestory, but don't be afraid I'm not one of these girls, my friend!).

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And last but not least (If I just ignore that I'm having my first exams in a week and I didn't even visit 45% of lectures) I'm just getting my period I'm way too emotional for days! I am the happiest person after it. Just don't get along with the red wave.

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But I'll survive, I've been through real shit.