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Everyone talks about how to have a wonderful time with your loved one, or how to make a guy or a girl fall in love with you, but what about if we want to get over someone ? What should we do ? How can we do it ?

Sometimes, you feel so in love with your guy/girl, that you can barely breathe when you are away from them. If it’s a healthy relationship, that’s ok, this is true love. But if you feel like you are in an unhealthy relationship but you love your partner so much that you can’t imagine yourself leaving him/her. This is bad. If you are not happy with your relationship anymore, just GO. It won’t be easy at the beginning, for sure. But all you need, is the real desire to take the right decision. Which is : free yourself from this nightmare, make it stop. Crying almost everyday, crying before going to sleep, feeling sad all the time, having too much problems with your partner, this is not how a happy relationship is supposed to be. If you, dear reader, suffers from that, then trust me, you’re not the only one. Sometimes you just need a wake up call to start taking control of your life once again. You might now think that if you leave your partner, you will be sad, your whole life’s gonna change, you won’t be happy anymore, you’ll be alone. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. You were doing just fine before that person, so be sure that you can do even better withoum him/her. You don’t want to live the rest of your life crying over a person that doesn’t deserve that. Even if you love each other maddly, we don’t always fall in love with the right person. Don’t just think about now, think about your future. Personally, i would rather have a two days cry because i left the person i loved, but was hurting me so much than crying everdyday for i don’t know how much months, because i am with a person that makes me sad all the time. Without forgetting that of course this is not the end. If you turn the page, you will definitely find a better person. But first you should have some time for yourself, to get back that happiness in your life, to learn to be happy again, to be independant, to learn not to need someone to be happy .

You can do so many things to help you start a new life :

1 - Go to the gym.

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2 - Write, write write, this will help you a loooot !!!

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3 - Go out with friends .

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4 - Spend more time with people you appreciate.

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5 - Watch movies, series, comedies..

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6 - Do as much activities as you can.

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7 - Change your hairstyle, buy new clothes, buy new things, trust me i don’t know how, but it just helps !

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8 - If you feel that you need to cry, this is not bad at all, cry and free yourself from all the negativity. But don’t spend everyday crying, this is not good.

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9 - Travel if you can do it.

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10 -Meet new people.

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11 - Learn to cook new things.

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12 - Have a walk, alone, have some time for yourself.

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Do healthy things to get back the control in your life, for example don’t get involved in a new relationship just to forget about your ex. Because right here you will be ignoring a problem by bringing another one !

Wish you all the happiness, because everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied . Hope you all liked my article. Don't hesitate to send me a message to tell me what you think or make a suggestion !

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