"i ponder of something great
my lungs will fill
and then deflate
they fill with fire
exhale desire
i know its dire
my time today
i have these thoughts
so often i ought
to replace that slot
with what i once bought
cause somebody stole
my car radio
and now i just sit in silence

sometimes quiet is violent
i find it hard to hide it
my pride is no longer inside
its on my sleeve
my skin will scream
reminding me of who i killed
inside my dream
i hate this car
that im driving
theres no hiding for me

im forced to deal with what i feel
there is no distraction to mask what is real

i could pull the steering wheel


i ponder of something terrifying
cause this time
theres no sound to hide behind
i find over the course of our human existence
one thing consists of consistence
and its that we're all battling fear
oh dear
i dont know if we know why we're here
oh my too deep
please stop thinking
i liked it better when my car had sound"


- Tyler Joseph (Car Radio)