So I decided to write about one topic that bothers me every week . I won't write three-page-articles more like short things I think about and I won't filter anything just to make my life more interesting. I want to show you guys that I'm a huge mess just in case you search for anything that shows you, that not everyone is perfect. People always want to be seen as someone flawless and even many who do show their real feelings try to be seen as a "beautiful broken soul" (you know what I mean these whole people writing about loving being depressive, the whole grunge stuff). But guys, don't worry, I'll also talk about things that make me happy. I'll talk all in a nutshell about my life and would be happy if you enjoy my articles.

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PS.: I hope I didn't anger any grunge people, I like all kind of people (or should I say I hate all kind of people equally? I'm not a great fan of humans), but we all know these wannabe-grunge kids, don't we?