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In this article I give you 7 tips for a good first impression. With the following tips you make a perfect first impression!
ღ Tip 1: Be positive ღ
Try to stay as positive as possible during a first meeting. Complaining or negativity isn't so neat when you just know someone. Also note that you're not too sarcastic. Sarcasm is a form of humor, but not everyone can always appreciate this. Especially when you just know someone, it can be difficult to estimate when it comes to sarcasm and when it is meant to be.
ღ Tip 2: Body language ღ
Not only with your words do you give a first impression, also with your body. Your body language can influence the other person and the conversation. For example, if you have your arms crossed, it may seem as if you're not interested. Therefore choose an open attitude towards someone. This makes you instantly more accountable and friendly.
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ღ Tip 3: Make eye contact ღ
Your facial expression also belongs to your body language. Eye contact is super important here. If you make no (or little) eye contact with someone, you have the chance to come across as uninterested. It may be tempting to look away when you are nervous during an application, but don't do this!
ღ Tip 4: Smile ღ
It may sound logical, but don't forget to smile. You can sometimes forget this through nerves. Especially when you're in a conversation where you are listening carefully you can forget to smile. Not so cheerful? Fake it till you make it.
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ღ Tip 5: Don't be too honest ღ
Honesty is a good quality, but can sometimes seem quite heavy. Especially when you don't know someone for so long, it's not always appreciated. Some things you better not say to someone.
ღ Tip 6: Make sure the other person is feeling good ღ
It's not only about you during the conversation, but also about the person you are talking to. If you want to leave a good impression, don't just talk about yourself.
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ღ Tip 7: Use the name of your conversation partner ღ
By using the name of your conversation partner you show that you show interest and pay attention. You must of course pronounce it well ;)
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(The grammar can therefore not be entirely accurate, because my own language isn't English, but Dutch)