We all have break downs, but there might be some things that will help you get through all these situations.

2017 was for me a really tough year. I was insecure, got bullied and had trouble at home. High school was for me the hardest part of my life & especially the exam year. Some good times didnt help me to keep myself in a good mood. I didnt want to talk about it.

This year, im trying to do everything different. I left every bad thing that happened, in 2017. With these tricks I really hope that it will help you as well as it does for me, maybe our situations are not the same. believe in yourself ❣

1. Healthy style

I knoooooow, we all love some good chocolate bars and all these things, but what about fruit! Fruit is let me feel good because its healthy. I'm not saying i eat it everyday but im trying. Just take an apple or banana instead of cookies, and your body will thank you 🍌🍓🍐🍏🍒


I just like to come on whi and heart some pictures that i like, or want to try and so on. But let's not forget about the quotes. Positive quotes can give you a positive mind if you believe in it. Quotes that look sad will maybe be relatable but try not to heart them. One of my favorites is "Things will get better... in time" or some quotes thats about you and your beauty. 📃📌

3. Speak!

believe me, its feels good to talk about something you can't deal with. I know its really hard to talk about it because you might think they find you annoying. Trust me, real friends won't find you annoying, they will be there for you forever. 👭
Tell your parents, they Always knows the best.👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

4. Music

MUSIC IS A KEEEEEEY. What i Always do is pick my favorite artist or just the playlist with my favorite songs in it, plug some eardops in my ears and turn the volume 100. There nothing better than some good vibes in your head. 🔊🎶

5. social media

this one is important. follow on twitter, instagram or what ever you use, follow people that are not only posting stuff thats looking like 'i cant anymore' or 'im so done with you' these kind of posts are looking negative for me and it makes me even more sad or just pissed because social media is not a diary!

I hope some of this can help you too ❤ dont forget to keep smiling and be happy, and when you dont feel like it, talk about it.