I've found myself wondering for the past couple weeks why people say everything is made by fate and destiny. For all those who are religous how do you still believe that such awful things can happen on purpose? I have never mentioned it on my WHI account but I'm sick and I will be all my life and I fear it has given me some insight on a perspective rarely mentioned.

Life is about drawing straws. Quotes, movies or books that tell you " the world knew you could take this so they gave you the power to fight it" it's not true, I'm sorry. It's all up to luck because some people can't handle the shortest straw.

I no longer find this so upsetting though, how unfair the world is. I think the way we cope is by focusing on the life we got. I mean incase you didn't know the odds of us even being born are 1 in 10. Ten of course being followed by 2,685,000 zeroes. I guess the shortest straw is the chance to not even exist so maybe everything that comes after it isn't so bad, maybe thats why.