Hey I'm a 15 years old girl from Germany, that's the reason why my english isn't the best. I'm sorry for that.

I want to talk about my corset. 4 years ago I get the diagnose of skoliosis. Well I know before this day that I had skoliosis, but not how strong it is.
I get a corset and wear it 3 years long, 23 hours a day. Since this day I have pain every day and night. Sometimes just a bit, but it never stoped. Once a week I go to the physiotherapy and I also do my gymnastic at home. When I looked into the mirror I saw a doll of plastic, but not myself.

My hope was gone, but yesterday I had a date with my doctor. He made new X-ray pictures to see how my back changed.
I made it, the pictures are so good that I haven't wear a corset from now.

With this little articel I want to say, you can made what ever you want. Never give up!
Often the best things need time and they also need nerves. But the feeling when you get what you want, or come a bit closer to your goal is priceless. That's the pay for your hard work.

Thank you for reading my first articel ;)