Hi Hearties!
So today I am gonna show you guys some of my current favorite shows on Netflix, that I am currently watching and finished. These are here for people who want to start watching new shows and I hope you better start watching because these series will change you're life. ENJOY!

#1 The Vampire Diaries

ian somerhalder, paul wesley, and kat graham image

So if you dig supernatural series I would absolutely suggest The Vampire Diaries. The show changed my life and im still crying because she ended. There are 8 Seasons of drama, comedy, love and horror. The storyline is amazing and it never gets boring. It it about 2 Bothers reuniting after a long time and meeting a girl they both madly fall in love with, after that all of they're lives change. I can't even start with the cast. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS GOOD LOOKING. 100% suggest this and have fun falling in love with Damon and Stefan Salvatore :')

#2 Shadowhunters

shadowhunters, emeraude toubia, and alberto rosende image

if You want a series based on a book, Shadowhunters is definitely the right choice. It is about an ordinary Girl, that just turned 18. Her mom has a big secret and she found out. After that her live changed forever. She fell in love, was almost killed more Than once and met her Father. It contains supernatural creatures like demons and vampires and Shadowhunters, who kill demons. Like I said it is based on a series on books and these are amazing.100% suggest reading those books! I am madly in love with the story and the characters. These ships in the series are my life and the cast is good looking and hilarious. I love that show so much and I am so exited and madly waiting for season 3 to come out in April.

#3 Teen Wolf

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image

So this is still one of my favorite series I have ever watched. If you don't know this series you must have been living under a ruck for 6 years. It is about, yes again, werewolfs and they're small town, Beacon Hills. 2 Best Friends find out about Werwolfs and other supernatural creatures, one of them even becomes one and the other falls madly in love with one. If you want to laugh, be terrified and cry at the same time, this is the one for you. The series ended last year with only 6 reasons ad as always, I cried. One ship in this show absolutely ruined my life I love them so much it hurts. The cast is amazing and DYLAN OBRIEN.... Cmon.

#4 Riverdale

cole sprouse, lili reinhart, and kj apa image

So if you haven't heard of this series, WHERE ARE YOU LIVING? This has been all over the internet for the last Year! It is based on a comic but the story line is SO much darker than the comics. It begins with a murder of Jason Blossom, the son of the richest Family in Riverdale, the Blossoms. A group of Friends try to find and reveal the murderer and then everything just escalates. I absolutely love it and I can't stop watching it! 100% suggesting on watching it!!!! And one of my Childhood actors, Cole Sprouse, who was in the Disney Chanel series Zac and Cody with his twin brother, plays Jughead in Riverdale.

#5 Friends

friends, rachel, and chandler image

Okay so I KNOW this is a very old series but it is still today, one of my favorite Tv shows ever. It is about a group of Friends, just living their lives in New York. I laugh my ass of every single episode. If you are looking for something to watch with the entire family, then Friends is a must. And side note: The Intro song is veery catchy.
I think the cast is wonderfull, very funny and very good-looking, even today.

There is also some other very good series you can start watching, but these above just top everything and they're just my one and all. So here are some other series suggestions you can watch on Netflix

#5 The Flash
#6 The Arrow
#7 Legends of Tomorrow
#8 Supergirl
#9 One Day at a Time
#10 Jane the Virgine
#11 How I met you're Mother
#12 Strenger Things
#13 13 Reasons Why

So I hope you take my advice and start watching at least one of them. if you have... god for youuu! Have a good Night/DAy and ill see you hearties next time :)) <3333