1. When Harry Met Sally ♡

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Harry meets Sally when she gives him a ride to New York after they both graduate from the University of Chicago. They part ways, deciding that a man and woman can’t simply be friends without romantic feelings getting in the way. They run into each other several times over the years, always facing the same question: Are they just friends, or is their relationship something more?

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's ♡

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A struggling writer moves into an apartment building on Manhattan's swanky East Side and becomes intrigued by his pretty and quirky socialite neighbor.

3. The Notebook ♡

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A poor and passionate man meets a wealthy and adventurous young woman at a carnival one night. They fall in love, but are soon separated against their will by social differences. Fate brings them back together years later, and they try to make their summer love transition into lifelong commitment.

4. Love Actually ♡

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During the frantic month before Christmas in London, Love Actually follows eight couples -- all loosely interconnected with each other -- as they fall in and out of love, some finding themselves with the wrong people and others still searching for the right people.

5. Can't Buy Me Love ♡

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A nerdy high schooler makes a pricey deal with one of the popular girls to be his girlfriend for a month and help him get noticed by the cool crowd. As the month passes, she slowly starts to fall for him, but he is so consumed with his newfound popularity that he doesn't notice.
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Kisses ♡