my eyes were squeezed shut tight, so tight that all i could see was yellow from sun rays dappling the veranda after school, and the big blue sky, and the green grass that tickled my feet, curling around my toes like it was going to drag me down into the cold dirt.

his finger tailed up my bare arm, his fingerprint imprinting my skin and creating goosebumps in its wake. i could imagine it leaving a trail of ash behind. it felt like fire when he touched me.

i could now feel his soft warm lips trail along my cheek and he murmured something that i couldn't hear because my thoughts were drowning me out, as usual.

eyes snapped open. now, he filled my vision, all freckled skin and crooked teeth and mud brown eyes. to me, he looked beautiful. he was the most beautiful boy i had ever known.

"are you okay?" he mumbled, his eyes searching my face. they held so much emotion that i couldn't read them at all.

"yes," i whispered in response. my clammy hands moved forward to cup his face, pressing my chapped pink lips against his soft velvet ones, and it felt like fruit in summer and birds chirping and iced lemonade and beach waves lapping around my ankles and the smell of rain all at once.