According to Wikipedia 'Courtship' is the period in a couple's relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind. During courtship, a couple get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement.

Hi boys/men If you want a girl/woman and you wanna court them don't ask them these questions:

1. Can I court you? If I was the girl you were asking, dude I will tell no. 'Cause you shouldn't be asking me that YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO SHOW ME.
2. Do I have a chance if I court you? No you don't. Dude seriously?

Instead say these:
With or without a chance I would like to court you. 'Cause after all that's all that matters, I would like you to know me better not just by name but by how I treat my friends, my family, and mostly I would like you to meet the real me. Same as me, I would like to you know.

Hey when you find someone with good intentions don't take it for granted cause it's so hard to find a person like that. Don't find someone who is just good looking outside but instead look on what's inside. Don't find someone who will take you in a fancy restaurants just to show off, sure it's not bad thing that a guy would take you to a fancy dinner but just make sure that you wouldn't depend on the things you see. 'Cause not everything is about material things and fancy dinner. You should not aim for a rich person but aim for someone who can afford to reach your dreams with you. You don't need someone to finance you. This applies to both men and women! Work so you won't be a burden to your partner and so you can enjoy things together. Don't lower my standards because you know what you deserve. Find someone who will work their ass off to better their selves and to give you what you deserve. Never settle for less! Have someone who at the very least never stops trying to be better, in all aspects.

This isn't about dependent men or women. This isn't even about gender or who's supposed to do which. Point is, it's best to choose someone who works hard to sustain him/herself. Again, gender isn't the issue here. The point is, find someone who will word hard same as you, 'cause you shouldn't be depending yourself to someone or anyone. If you don't have a dream of being successful and financing your own expenses and needs, you don't deserve someone who has a dream and works hard to get their goals in life. It goes both ways. I agree that everyone - male or female - should work their asses off before entering a relationship so you won't be a burden to someone. I won't be able to live with myself if I become a burden to someone else, especially to my partner.

We're not necessarily asking for a man to spoil us with expensive things, so long as he can stand on his own, that's more than enough. Relationships requires hard work from both sides. Sometimes love is not enough. Find someone who will respect and values you.

I don't believe that there's such thing as high maintenance and low maintenance. It's all about the effort!!