a cold, cruel smile spread across his face, seeping through his pores and contaminating his beautiful, beautiful features. his eyes glared at me, glazed over, and he looked so different. so unlike the boy i knew.

"are you really that stupid?" he asked, his lips curled. i stayed frozen, sat on the hard cold wooden floor of my room, blinking silently.
"i don't love you. i never did. i used you." he spat, the merciless smirk returning to its full glory, his eyes remaining dead.

tears didn't fall. no, it was worse that that. i felt empty, completely devoid of emotion, as if all that were inside me was a big, black, empty hole.

he scoffed and left my room, his shoes scuffing the floor. i watched his feet walk out still not fully comprehending what had just happened.

it was my first heartbreak.