And here I am standing infront of the Bus in which allegedly the love of my life sits in.
He just confessed his feelings to me and we kissed.
Thinking back to this momenten I should just have rejected his kiss and turned my back on him.
But maybe I was just craving some attention.
Attention that I could not get from anyone else because of the fact that I really was some sort of an introverted person.
I don't know I just liked to sit in my bed after school and watch some series.
Obviously I was so excited about the fact that I have found a boy who liked me that I could not reject him.
With the knowledge I have know I really cannot say if I liked him back or just his presence.
When I got home I called my aunt which is like a best friend to me and told her the news.
She really was happy for me and hoped that it would work out with him.
Days passed and he didn't call or texted me since we've last seen each other.
I started to wonder why he isn't asking if we could meet again to talk about everything.
It dosen't mean that we are a couple just because we kissed once.
I started to think about it and thought maybe he is not texting because he wants me to text first.
So I did.
I texted him asking If we could meet and everything he said was that he would call me later.
I said yes and got back to my series that I was watching.
2 hours later my phone started to rang and his name popped up.
I picked up the phone and his deep voice got me right.
He told me that he isn't anymore as sure about us as he was a couple days ago.
I said that I understand and that I'm okay with this.
He asked if we could still be friends and I said yes.
Afterwards he laughed and said that he is glad that we're still frinds and hung up.
The funny thing is.
I really was okay with that.
There wasn't a single sign of disappointment.
Maybe because I was used to this.
Used to people entering my life and leave than right after they didn't stay a long time.
Weeks passed and I didn't think about him.
Not a single time.
I've just seen him one day.
He saw me too but didn't think about greeting me or something else.
Instead he just ignored me.
It was like he had some sort of glasses on with which he could look though me.
Funny how things change.
However more weeks passed and I got along well with my life.
Just as usually I went to school, got home and watched my series.
Everyday was the same and boring just like any other day in my life.
But one day I decided to go out and meet up with a friend in the mall.
We had a nice day.
Went a bit shopping.
Went into a cafe to sit there and drink a coffee while talking about some random stuff.
After we drank our coffe we went out of the cafe and sat on a bench in a mall.
My Phone was on the table infront of me and after 20 minutes or something it rang.
It was an unknown number.
I was somehow irritated who would call me?
I hesitated to take this call but my friend told me to get it.
As i picked it up and said hello a deep voice answered me and I got Goosebumps.