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I'm back today to talk about something special. Indeed, the subject of this article is the "paganism" or more particulary a form called "wicca".
This belief makes more and more adept and arouses curiosity as well as rumors because of its originality. Sorcery or hippie spiritual delirium, I am here to clarify all these things , at your service.

NB : note that this is the English version of the article,I created another similar to this one in French, you can found the link right below if you are interested.

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🌙 What is it ?

It's a form of neo-paganism. That is to say a polytheistic religion (who recognizes the existence of at least 2 distinct deities), which was born as such in the 20th century (hence the prefix "neo" which means new) . I spare you the long and somewhat boring (although interesting) history of this belief as we know it today, but know that if it was recognized as religion in this form in the 20th, it is actually much older.
In fact, it is thought that most of the Wiccan religion comes from the Druids and people who once inhabited Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, and much of northern Europe.
Some celebrations and the mother goddess seem to suggest much older origins.

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🌙 And then magic in all this?

Yeah magic. Intimately linked to wiccans isn't it ?
Well, you probably know (or maybe not) that in 1500 and 1600, at the end of the Middle Ages, many women were accused of witchcraft and executed afterwards. At the risk of disappointing some, these women had nothing to do with the Halliwell sisters, nor even with Sabrina the Teenage Witch. These were what we called healers, women who knew enough about plants and medicine to make decoctions and other treatments that could cure people.

But for people of the time, herbal concoctions = potions and potions = witches. It was better not to be a fan of herbal tea at that time.

Now, wiccans today have kept this special relationship with nature. They respect it, get to know it, and use it.

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That being said, wicca "magic" can not be reduced to herbology alone.
It's a bit complicated to explain, but to summarize, according to Wiccan beliefs the world is filled with energy. Whatever the currents, the waves, the wind, the fire, the light, the life in the plants, etc ...
And there are therefore "rituals" that are dedicated to these energies. For example, how to chase bad energy that torments your sleep, or on the contrary attract certain energies to you.
Added to this is the reading of the lines of the hand or the art of tarot cards. Not to mention various songs and prayers.
This is only a very brief summary of the thing, but I am thinking of dedicating an article to it in the future.

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🌙 A book of shadows ? Like in Charmed ? Seriously ?

Mh well, yes, seriously.
Indeed, virtually all wiccans have what is called a book of shadows. But nothing mystical here.
This is a kind of Bible. It usually contains the thirteen Wiccan principles, speaks of the horned god and the mother goddess, what happens after death (according to this belief) and the history of wiccans, respect for nature, respect towards living beings and the rule of triple return comparable to karma, in short all you need to know about the Wiccan current.
We can buy printed and bound as any book on the internet and sometimes in bookstores.
However, most wiccans prefer to create their own book of shadows, as it allows them to add recipes of infusions and other decoctions, as well as reflections on ideology and practice and to write their own interpretation of all of this.
It also allows you to add drawings, pictures, decorate it as you wish.

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🌙 Celebrations and mantra

The wicca calendar called "wheel of year" works with solar and lunar cycles. There are no less than 21 celebrations.
4 major Sabbaths (Samhain, Imbloc, Beltane and Lugnasadh) that mark the 4 seasons and each have important significance. Ex: Samhain (whom you probably know as Halloween) is the first day of the year of "witches".
4 minor Sabbaths (Yule, Ostara, Litha and Mabon) which are in fact equinoxes and solstices, and which generally mark the beginning and consequently also the end of the four seasons. All these very old festivals have also been "recovered" by the Christian religion, exemple : Ostara are found transformed into Easter.
And finally the esbats which are the 12 or 13 annual nights of full moons.

If you want to learn more about these celebrations, the way we celebrate them and what's behind each of them, I'll write an article soon.

Yep, did it.

As for the great Wiccan Mantra, which governs all beliefs and should never be transgressed, it is very simple:

An'ye harm none do what ye wift.

It's old English and it means:

" If no one is harmed, do what you want. "

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That's it for this article. I hope you liked it and that you learned something.
If you are interested in the subject do not hesitate to send me a message.

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