Hi! I'm Rebecca and I'm 19. I'm Italian and I live in a little city near Florence. In the past few months I've read a lot of articles here on WHI about finding new friends online. I've always asked myself what it would feel like to have a penpal. I wanted to do this because I think it could be interesting to have someone you don't know in person and you don't see, who can give you advices about anything and who you can talk to about whatever you want.
Here are some informations about me: I'm a very introvert person. Maybe you know the MBTI (the famous personality type indicator). Well... I'm an INFJ, and if you guys know what it means, this coul be very helpful to have an idea of my personality 😊
I like reading, watching TV series, listening to the music and drawing. Surprisingly I don't like pasta very much, but I love pizza (who doesn't?!). I also like travelling on the train. I take it every morning to go to the university. A lot of people would find it boring, but I always sit by the window, so that I can see the Tuscan landscape in the morning. The hills and the vineyards are so beautiful, especially on sunny days. Moreover, you can always find interesting people on trains. Actually, I don't talk to everyone who sits next to me (as I said, I'm definetly not that kind of a person), but I like to observe people without being noticed 😅

I know I didn't tell you a lot about me, but I really hope to receive a message from you. You can write me here on WHI (I'm sorry, but I don't have Instagram) and then we can decide how to write to each other (for example I use Whatsapp a lot, I don't know if you guys use it). I'd love to know new people and - who knows? - maybe one day we'll meet each other!
I hope we'll talk soon,