improving your life takes a lot of time, a lot of people think. ads on tv and billboards on highways state that you have to try this new weight watcher program, or try this new vitamin! well today, i'll teach you some small steps to improve your life with some tiny things you can start today. drop a like and leave a postcard if you enjoy this so i can make more of this kind of content!

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always be positive!

1. self care - putting yourself first
it's important to take time for yourself in life's hectic and oftentimes devastating turns. today, take a long, hot shower, put on a facemask, put your calls to voicemail, and binge watch a new tv show you've been dying to try for the past few months.

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2. academics/work - being productive
i am currently a high school student, so this will be more geared towards that. however, most of this still applies to a job so take the advice anyways! it is important that you take at least one solid hour to study and go over the notes you took in class. it has been scientifically proven that students are most likely to get an A in a class if they go over their notes on the day they took them. websites like kahnacademy have practice tests you can take and instructional videos. along with being productive however, make sure to be hydrated (7-9 bottles of water a day, at least) and well rested to increase awareness. don't go overboard on the double expresso, kids!

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3. social life
it is extremely important and beneficial to have good relationships with other people. this can be tricky however, due to the constant toxicity of the world around us. it is important that when you find a group, make sure they treat you with respect, have a sense o f humor, and are educated. you do not want to fall into the wrong crowd! this project can take time, as making relationships with people takes months of trust and enjoyment. stick with it, however, you got this.

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4. your love life
we all want it - someone to love, someone to aspire with. the simple truth of it is that we can't just pick someone. it is important that we pick someone of quality merit and views. today, speak with your lover and discuss about respect. also, reflect - have they hurt you? hit you> cheated on you? if the answer is yes, than maybe you should consider leaving the person. you deserve to be with someone who loves you and treats you well - the person is out there. you just have to be there for them.

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that's it for now. a second installment in this series will be up soon on my page, don't miss it. drop a like, and i'll see you tomorrow. bye!