1) Read a book

I love reading books! And lately I've been even more addicted! Reading i such a great time to pass your time, because in not only takes you mind away from the real world, but it also helps you to activate different brain areas, and expand your vocabulary!

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I did an article about the books I read this January if you want some ideas of what to read!

2) Watch a movie (maybe even go to the cinema)
I love watching movies, and it's such a funny way to pass time!
There such a big variety of options you can choose from.

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3) Meditate
I've been trying to give meditation a shot lately, it's said to help a lot in concentration and everything, and I'm really liking! It gives you such a peace of spirit.

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4) Do a spa day at home
There are lots of ways you can do this, such as doing a homemade mask, here you have some options: ( https://www.rd.com/health/beauty/homemade-facial-masks-recipes/ )
But you can also paint you nails, hydrate your hair, exfoliate your skin... There are so many good things you can do!

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5) Sit down an write your goals
Writing things down aways makes them feel more real! I love writing everything and setting my goals straight, that way you can always look at them and remember to work for it!

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I actually wrote to list here on we heart it about
1) things I want to do in my senior year (the year) :

2) Places I want to visit:

3) A note to my future self:

6) Organize your life: time, closet, papers, everything
No explanation, Organizing is always a good idea!

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7) Try a new recipe
I love cooking, and whenever i have a opportunity I try to learn a new recipe! I love to take ideas from sites like "delish"and "tastemade"

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I posted a really great recipe of Smore's that I love!

8) Learn new word in a different language
I from Brazil, so I speak portuguese! I graduated in english in 2016 and now I'm having French classes, because I just love learning new languages!
Iove to use my "Duolingo" app to learn new words when I'm on my free time!

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9) Sleep
Just Sleep, to recharge all your batteries for our daily battles!

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10) Try a new makeup look
This is something I really like doing! And every time I try a new makeup look and I like the results, I end up making a little photoshoot with my camera or even with my cell, because then, I will also have new pics to post on my Instagram!

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I hope you guys liked the article! If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to DM me! I'll be happy to answer!

And you, what d you like doing in our free time ?