Alright, I don't know exactly how to talk about this, but I think that talk about my problems can help me and another people.
I have anxiety and panic...
This is a shit! Because I have afraid about a lot of things, I suffered with abuse and bullying, so I have a lot of insecurance.
Sometimes when I'm alone I freak out because I think someone can hurt me. You guys don't know how is good put this in some place and talk about.
My panic attacks are very complicated I stop breathe and when I'm afraid I get crazy, I cry a lot and stay cold, I hate this, I hate all the stuffs.
I can have a lot of people close to me, I always think something is close and something horrible can happen.
So I don't know how to deal with it, but I want to share this shit, because this show me I'm safe and everyone have problems but we can leave the things happen and just accept.
We have to fight against our demons and don't let them consume us. It's difficult.
Thank you!
So much love.
You're not alone.