Hello guys :-) Today I share with you my step by step routine to clean my bedroom. The point in doing it step by step is to have the possibility to start and stop it whenever you want. So you don't have to do everything the same day (especially when your room is so messy like mine x)

Step 1 : Put everything that's on your bed off and make the bed (you can also maybe change the sheets).

Step 2 : Pick up everything off the floor (you can put everything on your bed if there's really a lot of things).

Step 3 : Declutter your surfaces (shelves, top of furniture,..) and decorations.

Step 4 : Empty trash.

Step 5 : Sort your pens out and keep the ones that work.

Step 6 : Sort your books out. Keep only the ones you really loved or you want to (re)read.

Step 7 : Organise desk supplies & stationery. Try to get a desk as empty as possible.

Step 8 : Gather your papers together and keep only what you need (if there are some memories, you can keep ONE box with them)

Step 9 : Put one category of clothes on your bed (tops, bottoms, coats, dresses, vests;...) and declutter them. Then fold them and pick them out.

Step 10 : Declutter all your accessories (by category too : earrings, rings, scarves, hats, bags, shoes,..)

Step 11 : Declutter all makeup & others things you have.

Step 12 : Clean mirror(s) & windows.

Step 13 : Dust & Vacuum (the worse haha).

I know this article goes out a bit late, but I'm going to write several ones ths weekend :-) Have a nice day !