If you are so close to Valentine's Day you are annoying your girlfriends, then this is not right. Girls do not know when small things will happen on their heart. In such a situation, they will be angry with you and will also get angry. And you want to break their heart by saying something like Sensitive in Pak month like Valentine's Day. This thing is not good at all. On Valentine's Day, you have many things about which neither you should mention your girlfriends nor should they say it. Let's know about some such things.

If they are wearing a dress that you do not like then do not forget it.

Never let them feel less than you. These small things stoop the girls' hearts very much.

If they do make-up in front of you, do not touch them or tell them that they are not looking good. Rather, they must give their false acclaim.

On Valentine's Day, do not ask them whether they like you or not. Hey, like you are celebrating Valentine's Day with you.

Do not say any such thing that they get annoyed and do not let them get annoyed at all. Your small matter can become adorned and the cause of the fight can be.

Do not tell them any weeknings about yourself. Do not talk about such negative things as they suspect your choice.

Do not ask them any type of private question. As if they did not ask for their social media password and their phone to check them out.

He did not wish them to say that in the last few days they were in relationship with whom. Or how many boyfriends have they had so far.

Keep your choice of words in whatever you want to say and try to speak your point straightforward.