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I saw the #ThisIsMeChallenge going around on WHI, and I thought it'd be cool if I did it too.

If you want to make one as well, don't hesitate and just do it! The creator of this challenge/tag is @loveinbrooklyn and you should definitely credit her for this wonderful idea.

Now, lets get started:

1 | style

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion and style image fashion, style, and clothes image fashion, girl, and style image
Black is my ultimate favorite color in fashion. My outfit usually consists of an oversized pull with a jeans. Currently, I'm obsessed with these see-through T-shirts.

2 | a color

fireworks, aesthetic, and burgundy image moon image neon, light, and red image girl, camera, and photography image
Burgundy, somtimes the color goes more to purple and other times it comes closer to red.

3 | passions

fashion, girl, and wanderlust image girl, book, and bed image girl, Calvin Klein, and music image study, school, and coffee image
Travelling, writing, listening to music, and learning.

4 | animals

anaaa image dog, girl, and animal image book, dog, and girl image dog, animal, and cute image
The cuteness overload of dogs and wolfs is so real.

5 | food

sushi and food image food, pasta, and yummy image food, chocolate, and strawberry image chocolate, chocolate chip, and coffee image
Sushi, pasta, belgian waffles, and a latte machiato.

6 | personality

girl, hair, and blonde image perfection, quotes, and mistakes image Image by f o r t i n e Temporarily removed
A true contradiction.

7 | dreams and goals

Inspiring Image on We Heart It study, coffee, and school image girl, travel, and car image couple, girlfriend, and love image
Love and happiness.

8 | books

book and aesthetic image harry potter and book image amazing, book, and love story image book image
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Harry Potter, Dimily, and Forbidden Love.

9 | movies

2016, gif, and movie image
The Edge Of Seventeen.
draco malfoy, gif, and slytherin image
Harry Potter And The Halfblood Prince.
films, will smith, and jaden smith image
The Pursuit Of Happiness.
gif, newt, and thomas image
The Death Cure.

10 | lifestyle

beauty, sexy, and girl image girl image bed, girls, and three image coffee, iphone, and study image cool, wild, and fabulous image black, white, and fashion image
I love sleeping and just relaxing by listening to music, reading a book or daydreaming. I live at two places at a time, my home with my parents and siblings, and a small house where I live with two friends in the city where we all go to university. The third picture kind of shows how we are after a day full of classes. Oops.

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Love, Paulien.