Hey Mette!

How are you you? Or me.. us.. I don’t know how old you are when you are reading this, but I truly hope you accomplished something at this point of your life. What are you? Still a student? Or do you already work somewhere? Where? Are you a singer? Like you wanted for such a long time, or designer? I wanna be that since a couple weeks now.

Are you studying, baby? What are you studying? Where? In Utrecht? Or Amsterdam? Or somewhere totally different? I have so many questions about my future, your present, our life. I hope you have a lot of friends. Or just some, but they should be real. Are you still writing songs? What are you writing about? Or did you give up, like most of the times when I am writing songs? Did you become better?

Have you already met Sabrina Carpenter? Do you still like her? How was SC3? Was it good? Probably, it’s Sabrina. How does the Cello sound? Did u buy a new one? Or still the same? Same celloteacher as the last 5 years? Still practicing every night? Oh! I almost forgot! How could I?! It’s the most important in my life at the moment: Did. You. Finish. Your. Gymnasium? Well, otherwise you couldn’t get into college, so probably.. So many questions, so few answers. Time will tell us, I guess.

Here are some snippets of my life now. Quotes, parts of my own songs, favorite songs, inspiring photos..


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Parts of my own songs ft. Stupidness

Too scared to love, to let them see their mind
Too much to leave, don't wanna be left-behind
Strive to let go, playing with the long time
It's unconfined, all unconfined
Underneath the stars, outside, in the very cold
Us, two people against the whole bad world
Secret, no one knows cause we never told
What do you see in the dark, when there are no stars
What do you see in you and me, when there is no love
What do you see in the world if it keeps turning this way
What do you see between you and me

Favorite songs

HeartLess ~ Madison Beer
Paris in the Rain ~ Lauv
I like me better ~ Lauv
Strangers ~ Sigrid
Don’t kill my Vibe ~ Sigrid
All we have is Love ~ Sabrina Carpenter
Shadows ~ Sabrina Carpenter
Smoke and Fire ~ Sabrina Carpenter
Feels Like Loneliness ~ Sabrina Carpenter
Why (in studio/acoustic/original) ~ Sabrina Carpenter
Normal ~ Sasha Sloan
Fall ~ Sasha Sloan

Inspiring Photos

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