❥Which Disney Character are You?
This is a quiz to find out which Dinsey Character you are most like. Count your letters and find out who you are when you're done. Enjoy!

❧What is your goal in life?
A) to find love
B) to make every day an adventure
C) to be successful/ get my dream job
D) to find myself
E) to protect me, my friends, and my family
F) to have fun

❧What is your hobby?
A) I like to sing
B) I like sports
C) I don't have time
D) Art/ writing
E) Makeup
F) Hang out with my friends

❧What queen/leader would you be?
A) a nice and fair one
B) I don't have time for that
C) the best one. I would care about the people and make the country better.
D) I would make every job fun!
E) A damn warrior queen/leader.
F) I don't know, but it would sure be fun

❧How are you like in the morning?
A) tired.
B) I'm already up and eating
C) I'm working!
D) I have a whole morning routine. Breakfast, work, washing my face, brushing my hair...
E) Energetic
F) Depends on the day...

❧What about your dream prince?
A) Handsome, nice, and smart
B) I don't need any prince!
C) I don't need one right now. But if I meet someone nice and tall in the future...
D) Someone I can trust and depend on
E) Someone who accepts me
F) I would like a nice and funny friend

❧And your castle?
A) Big and beautiful!
B) I don't care, as long as there is space for animals
C) Nice looking, silent and filled with nice friends
D) Something that screams me!
E) I don't care.
F) Somewhere I can relax, sing, dance and have fun

❧Favourite animal?
A) Fishes, dolphins, crabs
B) Horses maybe? Someone loyal
C) The unusual ones.
D) Every one!
E) Dogs, dogs, dogs
F) The friendly ones.

❧What kind of movies do you like?
A) Romantic ones
B) Action
C) Documentaries
D) Everything except documentaries
E) Drama
F) Comedies

Let's count your letters!

ariel, disney, and sebastian image
Most A s: Ariel! You search for love and enjoy life. You love making new friends and are always nice. People love you!
brave, disney, and gif image
Most B s: Merida! You like having fun and don't have time for love. You are yourself and won't let anybody make fun of you or your style.
disney, tiana, and princess image
Most C s: Tiana! You're a hardworking queen who focuses on herself, loves herself and the people close to her.
tangled, love, and disney image
Most D s: Rapunzel! You're a loveable princess who likes having fun, being with friends and being creative.
mulan, disney, and gif image
Most E s: Mulan! You're a brave and beautiful queen who isn't afraid of anything or anyone.
frozen, olaf, and disney image
Most F s: Olaf! You're super funny and friendly. You just enjoy life and makes everyone happy just by being yourself.