wassup guys! in my last article I wrote about my morning routine, today I'm going to write about my nighttime routine!

I'm trying to keep it simple and not stress myself before sleep! that's why it's so short

have fun!

- so usual, after a busy day, I shower and put on some comfortable clothes!

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- after that, I'm kinda cleaning my room, put my clothes in order, and just kinda organize my desk in case I left it in a mess.

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- after I've organized and cleaned my room, I grab my school bag and my organization planner, to check what I've to do on a due.

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- then I do my homewooork.... yea and learn for exams.

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- when I've finished, I eat something for dinner, mostly something little.

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- I brush my teeth, do my nighttime skincare routine and then I'm watching some youtube or netflix maybe read a book or write some things in my bullet journal.

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good night