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Recently I started eating healthy, I always wanted to eat healthy but it was just so hard because I love unhealthy food! Especially chocolate! and to be honest I'm not a fan of healthy food.

My 2 favourite Healthy ( but nice) Breakfast Ideas!

1. The Slender Blend Pancakes. ( 179 calories per pancake)

- High protein, low sugar and only 85 calories per pancake!
- Add a little bit of chocolate 50 calories + half of a banana 44 calories.

2. Porridge Oats (246 per serving)
- Porridge 146 calories add 1 teaspoon of chocolate 40 calories
- At the top --> Half of a banana 44 calories and a little bit of honey 16 calories.

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Of course, you can put whatever u like, I just choose these because I always have the products at home and its just so easy, if you decide to try it i hope you like it.

Every morning before breakfast I drink skinnycoffeeclub ,
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Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed it ♡ Feel free to check out a couple of my other articles too! ♡

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