One of my favourite things to do in life is travel.
Travelling, for me, is something that allows you to leave your home problems.
Travelling, for me, means start out unforgettable adventures.
What does travel mean to you?
Here are some of the places i would like to visit 🚀
(P.S. : sorry for my bas english, i'm italian 🍝 ).

atmosphere, dive, and green image
1) Indonesia:
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elephants, indonesia, and travel image
adventure, norway, and outdoor image
2) Norway:

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3) Finland:
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4) Italy, Polignano a mare:
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5) Italy, lago di Braies:
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lago di braies and italy bolzano image
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6) Germany, Neuschweinstein castle:

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Image by Kenzie
7) Kenya:
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8) Jamaica: