Dear everyone i know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the way i am. I know that I'm not the best person to be with. I can be mean and i can be ignorant. I'm trying. I'm trying and it's hard to keep all of you. You're all amazing and i don't deserve any of you. I know that you think that you don't mean much to me so here's to all of you.
Dear mother. Thank you for being the only one who believes and supports me in everything.
Dear brother. We don't talk as much and i haven't told you that you mean so much to me in a while.
Dear best friend. I'm sorry i don't ask you how are you that much and that i cancel our plans last minute. I love you.
Dear boy that i like. I'm sorry about the way i act around you and that i don't show my feeling for you that much.
I'm sorry.