Hello Dreamers! I'm back with another article! This time I thought I'd do a Favourite Book article. I got inspired by the book I'm currently reading called 'The 1000 year old boy'. Anyway, here it is...

Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows

harry potter, book, and deathly hallows image book, deathly hallows, and harry potter image
This is one of the best books on Earth. You might disagree, but I love this book so much.

Fault in our Stars

okay, the fault in our stars, and tfios image the fault in our stars, tfios, and okay image
I have read quite a number of good books in my life, and this one is on the top of the list!

Frankie Magazine(s)

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Yes, I know, technically it isn't a book, it's a magazine But still, it's fun to read all the crafts, recipes and fashion ideas in it.

Series of Unfortunate Events

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This one stands of 13 books that all are joined together in one story. It is amazing!

As short as this was, that finishes my list of Favourite Books. Here is my Articles Collection if you want to check it out (some aren't mine)!

Amearli xoxo