1. Are you single? - Yes.

2. Have you ever lost a close friend? - yes i have

3. When was the last time you really laughed? - last week

4. Something is wrong. Who is the first person you are looking for? - my best friend

5. Is there anyone who does not like you because of something you did? - I guess so.

6. Is there anyone you want to do anything with? - yes

7. How many can you tell everything to? - my best friend

8. Does the person you last handed mean something? - nope

9. Describe yourself with one word? - different.

10. Have you ever kissed, one of the opposite sex? - yes i have, but it wasn't good

11. Do you have a best friend? - yes

12. The person you miss the most? - i dont miss that much

13. Last person who called you and why? - my grandma, she told me about my festival tickets.

14. Last text was from? - my friend.

15. Height? - 1.53m

16. Favorite fruit? - apples and bananas

17. Who could you not live without? - my family and friends

18. Divorce child? - no

19. What is your mother's name? - Jackie

20. Favorite subjects in school? - art and health

21. Do you color your hair? - yess

22. In which country would you like to live? - Norway, London and Colombia

23. What do you get most compliments for? - maybe my hips, idk

24. Do you have any animals? - yes

25. What do most people do not expect from you? - that i am so open i guess.

26. What style do you have? - mixed vintage and rock

27. Do you have anything in your room that is green? - yes, my camera and a candle

28. Do you think you are beautiful? - maybe maybe not

29. Name 3 things from your room you would not be without. - My bed, my computer and my clothes

30. Which jewelry is your favorite jewelery? - earings and rings.

31. Do you play tetris? - yup

32. If you won 10,000 dollars what should they be used for? - travel with my family

33. Your eye color? - brown

34. Summer or winter? - both

35. Do you believe in love at first glance? - maybe

36. How old are you in 10 years and do you think you married? - maybe, but first i would like start and finish my career

37. When was the last time you drank coffee? - yesterday

38. Do you love and travel by airplane? - Yes

39. What are you looking forward to? - a boyfriend, just joking

40. Is there something you want to tell someone? - that i like my crush maybe aha

41. Is anyone in love with you? - i wishhhh

42. What song did you hear last? - money by the 1975

43. Do you speak other languages ​​than Spanish? - yes, english

44. Do you like your handwriting? - no

45. What is the best ice cream? - oreo!

46. If you were a boy, what would you be called? - connor or ian

47. Do you think the boy should pay on the first date? - no

48. Which day is the best of the week? - Thursday and Saturday.

50. Favorite alcohol? - Beer and vodka

51. What food do you not like? - fish

52. Do you like stand-up? - yesss i love stand-up

53. What is your dream job? - be an architect and travel

54. Are you getting mad? - who knows

55. Are you a negative or positive person? - positive

56. Star sign? - sagittarius

57. Have you ever been in doubt about your sexuality? - yes

58. How often do take a shower? - 6 times a week

60. What is your greatest wish in this life? - being happy and do what i want